The main reasoning behind acquisition or merger can be economy of scope, economy of scale, increased market share or revenue, diversification, cross-selling, taxation, synergy, resource transfer, horizontal integration, vertical integration among others.


Our buy side advisory services lend helping hand to investors / business owners looking for growth through acquisitions, private equity firms seeking to leverage our expertise and industry recognitions to spot add-on opportunities, for their platform companies. Our buy side expertise comes from building businesses and legacies, and not just transaction oriented experience.


Our sell-side advisory focuses on the business of assisting companies interested in exploring the potential sale or merger of all or part of their businesses. Each assignment is tailored for the client. Our team will conduct general business, financial and operational review, so as to ensure and realize maximum value for the client. We manage transactions of various levels of complexities and present the deal in the best form, to our accredited investor pool.

Capital Raise

We raise capital for middle market companies in various stages of development and across a variety of industry sectors, with a focus on placing equity capital for privately held and family owned companies. We have no minimum but generally target institutional capital raises of at least $5 million. 


Clients seek to raise capital for a variety of reasons, including:


·         Funding or jump-starting a growth initiative

·         Pursuing a strategic acquisition

·         Finding a strategic partner

·         Expanding the shareholder base

·         Increasing the equity component of the balance sheet

·         Improving trading performance for a public company / preparing a private company to go public

·         Shareholder diversification / monetization


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Due Deligence

Our Buy Side Business Due Diligence Solutions, focuses on the target’s drivers so as to provide the buyer with the ability to assess and analyze the potential acquisition at the proposed purchase price, which helps the investors to decide whether to proceed or to renegotiate or to restructure, or withdraw from the transaction.

We conduct sell side business due diligence for firms that are looking to sell their business or to raise capital for their business or to solely assist them formulate responses for the requests from potential buyers. We leverage our experience to help the seller for the queries, documents and analyses that the potential acquirer may request thereof. The clarity and quality of accounting and financial reporting that clients can inculcate in their financial records, would effectively enhance the deal value.